Called Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2018

 Jasper County Board of Commissioners

March 12, 2018

Called Meeting Minutes

7:21 P.M.

Comm. Pennamon called the meeting to order at 7:21 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Carl Pennamon, Bruce Henry, Don Jernigan, and Doug Luke. Vice-Chair, Craig Salmon was absent.

Staff Present: Mike Benton, County Manager, Clerk, Sharon Robinson, and County Attorney, David Ozburn.

Pledge of Allegiance:


District 1, Carl Pennamon

Agenda Approval:

Comm. Henry made motion approve the agenda as presented, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Commissioner’s Items:

Luke – Noted that a resident on Jackson Lake Road called him about pothole repair.  Also, Wild, Road, Jackson Lake Road, and Hwy. 11 in need of trash pickup. Trash is also bad on County Line Road.

Henry – signage request on Ross Road – Horse Crossing.



Regular Agenda:

New Business:

Opioid Litigation:


Atty. Ozburn noted he was asked to look into whether this would be a good thing for the County to do.  The potential cost to the County could be a great deal if they do not join the lawsuit.  He talked with Candler County Attorney and they have already filed suit along with their Hospital Authority.


Atty. Ozburn explained that this is a lawsuit in federal court, it is multi-district.  The firm that is handling this in Georgia, is the Blasingame Firm in Athens. This is an area of specialty for them. There is no cost to the county. The State Attorney General will bring an action and try to negotiate a settlement state-wide; it will work out better for the county to do it this way; instead of having to apply for it later. He recommends the county join in this fight against opioid crisis.


Comm. Henry made motion to authorize the Chairman to sign the resolution on the Opioid Litigation based on information obtained from Attorney, Luke seconded; passed unanimously.


County Attorney Items:


County Manager Items:


Citizens Comments:

Mary Patrick – JCWSA, Code Enforcement

Mark Hughes – Public Works, work order put in on Jasper St.

Charles Forsythe – Illegal Meeting

Cathy Benson – Thanks for speed bumps.

Executive Session:



Comm. Jernigan made motion to adjourn at 7:55 p.m., Comm. Henry seconded; passed 3-0.


Carl Pennamon, Chairman



Sharon S. Robinson, Clerk