Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing and Meeting…

The next comprehensive plan input meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. in the Small Courtroom of the Jasper County Courthouse located at 126 West Greene St, Monticello, GA.

Eva Kennedy, Northeast Georgia Regional Commission Planner, will continue to work with the group assisting in the development of the update.

Future land use will be a primary work topic for this meeting.

Find attached for your convenience, the Existing Land Use Map and the Future Land Use Map for Jasper County and the City of Monticello.

The 2005 Comp Plan on file does not contain Land Use Maps for the City of Shady Dale.  These selected 4 pages are from the 163 page 2005 Comp Plan.

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Members:
Adam McGinnis, Andrew Boyd, Bruce Henry, Bud Cowan, David Dyer, David Wease, Erin Lynch, Mike Newton, Gerald Stunkel, Jenny Murphy, Ken McMichael, Larry Thurman, Lathaydra Sands, Lyn McLaurin, Larry Champion,  Mary Patrick, Mike Benton, Mike Newton, Pam Mayer, Ross Hays, Shane Sealy, Susan Patterson,  Tracy Norton.

Public is invited to attend…