Jasper County Health Department Offering Free Flu Shots…

The flu is strong this year, so be sure and do everything you can to avoid it! Check out the CDC’s list of preventative measures you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy this flu season: http://ow.ly/6xEz30i6aBt

WANT A FREE FLU SHOT?  Visit the Jasper County Health Department.   Your flu shot will be billed to your insurance, so there’s no out of pocket payment. If you don’t have insurance, your flu shot will be free!

A message from the Health Department:  We are aware of the increased concern about the spread of influenza and other infectious diseases in our school system. Public Health works closely with our board of education and private school partners to assist them with their infection control needs. Decisions about school closings are made by individual schools and school systems. Due to the variety of factors that come in to play during influenza season and per CDC guidance, we do not recommend the closing of schools based on student absenteeism. If a school has an increase in faculty and staff absenteeism that cannot support adequate school operations, the school and/or school system may elect to close. The CDC provides guidance that specifically addresses strategies to keep flu out of schools and provides additional guidance for school administrators.