Budget Work Session…



Monday, April 16, 2018

 6:00 p.m.



  • FY2019 Budget Book Presentation and Discussion



Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing and Meeting…

The next comprehensive plan input meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. in the Small Courtroom of the Jasper County Courthouse located at 126 West Greene St, Monticello, GA.

Eva Kennedy, Northeast Georgia Regional Commission Planner, will continue to work with the group assisting in the development of the update.

Future land use will be a primary work topic for this meeting.

Find attached for your convenience, the Existing Land Use Map and the Future Land Use Map for Jasper County and the City of Monticello.

The 2005 Comp Plan on file does not contain Land Use Maps for the City of Shady Dale.  These selected 4 pages are from the 163 page 2005 Comp Plan.

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Members:
Adam McGinnis, Andrew Boyd, Bruce Henry, Bud Cowan, David Dyer, David Wease, Erin Lynch, Mike Newton, Gerald Stunkel, Jenny Murphy, Ken McMichael, Larry Thurman, Lathaydra Sands, Lyn McLaurin, Larry Champion,  Mary Patrick, Mike Benton, Mike Newton, Pam Mayer, Ross Hays, Shane Sealy, Susan Patterson,  Tracy Norton.

Public is invited to attend…

Advertisement for Variance Request…

Advertisement for Application for a Variance Request for Sac-O-Suds located at 54 Ga Hwy 16 West Monticello, Ga 31064


The Appeals Board will hear a public hearing on the following item at their scheduled meeting on April 26, 2018 beginning at 6:00 pm in the Commissioners Meeting Room on the ground floor of courthouse (Suite 16).


  1. A public hearing will be held on case number 2018-VA-002. The Sac-O-Suds located at 54 Ga Hwy 16 West Monticello, Ga 31064 is applying for Variance. Subdividing the parcel of land and after the division, lots would not meet minimum acreage requirement per Jasper County zoning ordinance. Is requesting the parcels be considered conforming after the division. The division is for two different businesses. Current zoning is Commercial (C-2).


The public is invited to attend and those with special needs related to handicapped accessibility, should contact the Planning and Zoning office at 706-468-4905.

Jasper County 911 Open House…

This is National Public Safety Telecommunicators week.

Our Jasper County 911 center will be hosting an Open House on Saturday April 14th from 3pm till 6pm.

They will be serving light refreshments and will even have a drawing for a gift basket. Please come by and say hello and thank you for all they do.


2018 Primary Election – Important Dates

April 24th – Last day to register if you want to vote in this year’s primary election.

April 30th – Early voting begins April 30th (Monday – Friday) from 8:30am to 4:30pm

May 12th –   Saturday early voting at Jasper County Courthouse from 9am-4pm

May 22nd – Primary Election Day

Reminder:  To vote in a primary election, you have to declare what party your are registered with.


Visit our Registrar/Election website page:


Public Hearing – Planning and Zoning Board…

Advertisement for Application for a text amendment for the property located at 1988 Hwy 212 West as shown on Jasper County Tax Map 033 parcel 069-003

The Planning and Zoning Board will hear a public hearing on the following item at their scheduled meeting on April 19, 2018 beginning at 6:00 pm in the Commissioners Meeting Room on the ground floor of courthouse (Suite 16).

A public hearing will be held on case number 2018-TA-001 and also 2018-SU-001 applicant Melanie Neal has applied for a text amendment to the Jasper County Code of Ordinances to add  tournament lake to the use table with the possibility of getting a Special Use Permit for each specific location.  The property is located at 1988 Hwy 212W Monticello, Ga 31064.  Tax Map 033, parcel 069-003.  Current zoning is Agricultural (A).


The public is invited to attend and those with special needs related to handicapped accessibility, should contact the Planning and Zoning office at 706-468-4905


Digest Changes Are Announced…

Thu, Mar 29, 2018

Article as printed in The Monticello News…

The Jasper County Board of Assessors has approved the new values for this year. Chief Appraiser Lynn Bentley explains:

“For 2018, we are continuing to see an improving market. The total number of sales is up again as well. We are using 249 sales from 2017, up from 217 in 2016. However, we are still far from our high of 435 sales in 2007. Additionally, bank sales are no longer the factor they once were. Last year we had 14 and this year we only have 5.

“The big sellers for 2018 are Turtle Cove and Monticello. Both areas had very strong sales and will see increases this year. The sales on rural tracts have cooled slightly after several years of increases. Housing on the North rural tracts has seen an increase of approximately 30 percent since the downturn, but will not see an increase this year. However for small tracts, land sales are slightly up. We are beginning to see small tracts selling in the $6,000 per acre range, on both the North and South sides.

“Again this year, I did a comparison with the proposed new values and current listings on MLS. I compared 58 properties. Only two had new values that were more than the listed price, one is a bank sale. Of the 58, 30 are listed for $50k or more over the new values.

“And as a reminder, there are concerns each year about changing the values. Last year, changes were implemented and there are many areas that are now selling for more than those values. This is why it is so important to follow the market on a yearly basis. You can get behind on values very quickly if it is not done.”


City of Monticello: Increases will be applied for most of Monticello. Some areas will only see increases on the residential structure and some will see increases on the lot and the structure as well. As a reminder, Monticello did not receive any increases last year as the 2016 sales were a little mixed. The 2017 sales were very good, though.

5 acre “Farms”: There were sales in six of these eight neighborhoods. Structure increases will be applied in Lake Ridge, North Jasper Farms, Deep Lake Farms and Barnes Mountain Farms.

County Line Subdivisions: Structure increases will be applied for Jones Estates, Hodges Farm and Bobcat Estates. I am also applying lot increases for Bobcat Estates and Phase III of Jones Estates. There was one sale in Ashwood Meadows, the sale price was only $300 different than the current value, so no changes recommended for that neighborhood.
Turtle Cove Interior: No changes recommended for the vacant lot value.

Structure increases will be applied to all Interior houses. On improved lots, there were 55 sales last year and only 10 sold for less than the current value. I noticed an interesting trend on the properties that sold closer to the current values. Many of these properties were purchased very inexpensively during the downturn. The sellers were still gaining a nice profit, even when selling a little under the current market. Most of the sales ranged anywhere from five percent to 30 percent over current values.

Other Interior Neighborhoods: There were no sales in any other lake interior neighborhoods. However, in reviewing the listings I am applying an increase for Alcovy Shores Interior. This neighborhood has not increased since 2016. Based on the properties listed, a modest increase is in order.

Lakefront Neighborhoods: The activity on lakefront properties slowed compared to last year with one big exception, Turtle Cove. There were sales in Southern Pines, Bear Creek, Alcovy Bluffs, Alcovy Shores and Templeton Heights. All of these sold for very close to current values. No changes are recommended for these areas. A slight increase will be applied to the structures in Alcovy North based on the sales, but no lot changes. Lot increases will be applied to the Waters Bridge lots.

There were 18 lakefront sales in Turtle Cove. They sold for two percent to 40 percent over the current values. Increases will be applied to both the lots and the structures. Additionally there were several sales of lots with more than average frontage, which consistently sold at higher rates than the others. All lots with extra lake frontage have been identified per the neighborhood plat. Additional lot increases will be applied for these properties as well.

Turtle Cove Golf and View Lots: There were five sales of golf/lake view lots this year. All were improved lots and sold for more than the current value. Structure increases will be applied for the golf and lake view lots.

Certified CPR/AED/Choking Class – April 7th

Have you signed up for the Certified CPR/AED/Choking class?

The class is being held at Station 3 on Saturday April 7th from 830a-1230pm.

Click www.tinyurl.com/JCFRcpr to register…

Peninsula At Jackson Lake

Thu, Mar 22, 2018

Article By:  The Monticello News

The Jasper County Planning & Zoning Commission approved a preliminary plat for the Peninsula at Jackson Lake at its regular meeting last Thursday, after hearing from several citizens about their concerns on the new, gated subdivision.

Before the Board heard from the public, members first re-elected Justin Owens chair, and elected Julie Bennett vice-chair. The other two members of the board present were Mike McCombie and Frances Campbell.

John Snow spoke first on behalf of the developers, and reiterated what had been said previously, that it is a 216 acre tract, and is divided into 177 lots, with the average lot size being 1.84 acres. No lots are less than an acre, and the largest lot is nearly nine acres.
The first person to speak was Jeff Duncan, who lives on Peregrine Court, and is the only homeowner adjoining the property, he said. He expressed his concern about the development, saying the workers have violated Turtle Cove’s green space already, and he is especially concerned about the eagle’s nest he can see out his back door. He gave much background on the eagle and admonished that a 100-foot buffer is not enough. He urged Planning & Zoning to require a larger buffer.

Ronald Burch with the Eagle Drive neighbors group read several excerpts from the county’s ordinance, questioning if the new subdivision is in compliance with the county’s codes. He cited several parts of the ordinance, and also questioned how the development would be screened and landscaped to be aesthetic to those living on Eagle.

Maria Vedder-Lowe questioned where a road is that opens onto Eagle, and said its proximity to the bus stop was too close. The road is narrow already, without adding more traffic to it.

The developers had talked about putting storage on a particular lot that faces Eagle Drive, and several people, including Ms. Vedder-Lowe objected to that. The developer said, no problem, it can be moved. As for the road, the developers agreed to put a locked gate on it. They said it is basically an emergency exit, and residents would not want to use it. After several concerns were raised, they said they could put a firelock on it that the fire department can cut, but that would prevent it from being used for anything except an emergency.

Ms. Vedder-Lowe was concerned about the poor visibility at the curve entering the subdivision. She asked about amenities for the property owners, and told the Planning & Zoning board not to give variances “like candy.”

Linda Dominique also asked for a buffer of trees.

Ken Tyson expressed his concern about the bald eagles, and suggested that the lots closes to the eagle’s next not be built until last.

Several other people spoke, with the main concerns overall being the eagle’s next, the aesthetic views, particularly of the storage area, and respect for the adjacent Turtle Cove properties.

Mr. Owens eventually made the motion to approve the plat, specifying the storage lot be moved, and there be no general access to Ridgeline Drive. It passed unanimously.


Comprehensive Plan Update – Questionnaire

Please take the time to answer this short survey!

A questionnaire has been created by the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission to distribute to the public and collect more widespread feedback regarding the vision, goals, needs, and opportunities for the Jasper County-Monticello-Shady Dale Joint Comprehensive Plan Update.

English: https://796044.polldaddy.com/s/community-questionnaire

Español: https://796044.polldaddy.com/s/cuestionario-para-la-comunidad