Peninsula At Jackson Lake

Thu, Mar 22, 2018

Article By:  The Monticello News

The Jasper County Planning & Zoning Commission approved a preliminary plat for the Peninsula at Jackson Lake at its regular meeting last Thursday, after hearing from several citizens about their concerns on the new, gated subdivision.

Before the Board heard from the public, members first re-elected Justin Owens chair, and elected Julie Bennett vice-chair. The other two members of the board present were Mike McCombie and Frances Campbell.

John Snow spoke first on behalf of the developers, and reiterated what had been said previously, that it is a 216 acre tract, and is divided into 177 lots, with the average lot size being 1.84 acres. No lots are less than an acre, and the largest lot is nearly nine acres.
The first person to speak was Jeff Duncan, who lives on Peregrine Court, and is the only homeowner adjoining the property, he said. He expressed his concern about the development, saying the workers have violated Turtle Cove’s green space already, and he is especially concerned about the eagle’s nest he can see out his back door. He gave much background on the eagle and admonished that a 100-foot buffer is not enough. He urged Planning & Zoning to require a larger buffer.

Ronald Burch with the Eagle Drive neighbors group read several excerpts from the county’s ordinance, questioning if the new subdivision is in compliance with the county’s codes. He cited several parts of the ordinance, and also questioned how the development would be screened and landscaped to be aesthetic to those living on Eagle.

Maria Vedder-Lowe questioned where a road is that opens onto Eagle, and said its proximity to the bus stop was too close. The road is narrow already, without adding more traffic to it.

The developers had talked about putting storage on a particular lot that faces Eagle Drive, and several people, including Ms. Vedder-Lowe objected to that. The developer said, no problem, it can be moved. As for the road, the developers agreed to put a locked gate on it. They said it is basically an emergency exit, and residents would not want to use it. After several concerns were raised, they said they could put a firelock on it that the fire department can cut, but that would prevent it from being used for anything except an emergency.

Ms. Vedder-Lowe was concerned about the poor visibility at the curve entering the subdivision. She asked about amenities for the property owners, and told the Planning & Zoning board not to give variances “like candy.”

Linda Dominique also asked for a buffer of trees.

Ken Tyson expressed his concern about the bald eagles, and suggested that the lots closes to the eagle’s next not be built until last.

Several other people spoke, with the main concerns overall being the eagle’s next, the aesthetic views, particularly of the storage area, and respect for the adjacent Turtle Cove properties.

Mr. Owens eventually made the motion to approve the plat, specifying the storage lot be moved, and there be no general access to Ridgeline Drive. It passed unanimously.