Public Hearing Minutes

Jasper County Board of Commissioners

July 24, 2017

Public Hearing Minutes

6:00 P.M.

Comm. Pennamon called the Public Hearing to order at 6:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Carl Pennamon, Vice- Chairman, Bruce Henry, Don Jernigan, and Craig Salmon. Doug Luke was absent.

Staff Present: County Manager, Mike Benton, Clerk, Sharon Robinson, and County Attorney, David Ozburn. Also, Recreation Director, Johnathon Green

City of Monticello Officials Present: Mayor, Bryan Standifer, Councilwoman Cynthia Miller, and Councilman, Larry Thurman.

City of Shady Dale, Mayor Larry Champion was also present.

Others present include: State Rep., Susan Holmes, and Economic Development Director, David Dyer.

Comm. Pennamon noted the 2 cities and the county have agreed on the split to stay the same as the current SPLOST (78% for County, 19% for City of Monticello, and 3% for City of Shady Dale), for a $5 million dollar SPLOST for 6 years.

Comm. Pennamon noted the county will use their $3.9 million dollars as debt service.

Comm. Henry noted the $5 million is what we are hoping it will bring in, there is a possibility it will be more with the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Cities.

Comm. Pennamon noted Jasper County will use the $3.9 million as debt service, City of Monticello amount is $950,000, and the City of Shady Dale amount is $150,000. (A copy of the project list is attached and made a part of the official minutes).

Comm. Pennamon reviewed the project list for each entity.

Mary Patrick noted she is still concerned about debt. Questioned if the referendum is going to specifically say how much money is going to be borrowed.

Comm. Pennamon noted yes.

Mr. Benton noted yes and the length and maximum interest rate.

Comm. Henry noted we will have a Work Session immediately following this Public Hearing.

Comm. Pennamon noted the final decision will be made this week or for sure at our August 7, 2017 meeting.

Comm. Henry noted we will have our final Public Hearing and Called Meeting afterward on Thursday, also Planning and Zoning Board has a meeting at 7:00 p.m. and he would like to be able to attend it.

Comm. Pennamon noted our Public Hearing comes first and if we have a called meeting we will go until it is done.

Mayor Standifer clarified if the Public Hearing on Thursday is optional.

Comm. Henry noted we need to have it, especially if we might make some changes on our project list.


Comm. Pennamon declared the Public Hearing closed at 6:10 p.m.



Carl Pennamon, Chairman



Sharon Robinson, Clerk