Regular Minutes – February 5, 2018

Jasper County Board of Commissioners
February 5, 2018
Regular Meeting Minutes
6:00 P.M.

Comm. Pennamon called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Carl Pennamon, Vice-Chair, Bruce Henry, Don Jernigan, Craig Salmon and Doug Luke arrived at 6:02 p.m.

Staff Present: Mike Benton, County Manager, Finance Director, Rhonda Blissit, and County Attorney, David Ozburn.

Pledge of Allegiance:


District 3, Don Jernigan

Agenda Approval:

Comm. Jernigan made motion approve the agenda as presented, Comm. Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Consent Agenda:


Comm. Henry made motion to approve the Minutes of January 4, 2018 Regular Meeting, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Comm. Salmon made motion to approve the Minutes of January 4, 2018 Regular Meeting, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Check Register:

Comm. Salmon made motion to approve the check register which included check #’s 52036-52206 for payment, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Public Hearing:


Commissioner’s Items:

Jernigan: – Been getting quite a few calls on Jackson Lake Road needs striping. Also has had requests for trash pickup on Jackson Lake Road. Would like County Manager to get with Departments Head as we go into budget season to find it in their hearts and minds to cut back on some of their wants in order to give our employees a pay raise that is tied to performance as well as cost of living.

Henry: King Plow Road off 83, there is a clogged culvert that is causing damage to the road. April 14th Jasper County FFA is holding a tractor pull, in the past we have allowed Mayor Champion to use the rubber tire tractor, he would like the board to approve that.

Comm. Henry made motion that we allow Mayor Champion to use the rubber tire tractor for the FFA Tractor Pull on April 14th and they will pick up and return the tractor, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Pennamon: Asked County Manager to extend a thanks to Captain Walker and the Community Service Workers that picked up trash along our county roads.

Salmon: Jackson Lake Road stripping as well.  Would like to look at a preventative maintenance plan.  Want to keep Palalto and Herd Creek Road in forefront where we have subdivision that you have to travel a dirt road to get to the subdivision. Palalto has a low point on one end. Also sent an email, he got a request on Turbo and Fields Roads getting in pretty bad shape again.

Luke: He finally remembered to bring evaluation forms for possible use that they use at his place of business.


2017 CAFR Presentation – Mark Hardison, Clifton, Lipford, Hardison, & Parker:

Mr. Hardison presented the FY2017 Audit, noting the county has received a clean opinion. He also noted that the County has won the GFOA Certificate of Excellence for the 7th year.

Mr. Hardison reviewed the audit noting that as of June 30th 2017 the county had $5million dollars in the bank, $5.8 million assets, Liabilities were $1million sixty six thousand.

Mr. Hardison discussed Fund Balance, SPLOST, Landfill, and Curbside.

Comm. Salmon made motion to accept the FY2017 Audit as presented, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Four County Development Authority – Economic Update – Shane Short, Walton County:

Mr. Shane Short thanked the board for having him at their meeting and provided an Economic Update on Four County Development Authority.

Mr. Short gave update on the purchase and sale agreement on the Morning Hornet LLC, fortune 200 company.  They will have 5 phase development in Stanton Springs, they approved a bond resolution for $42 billion dollars.  The company is solely responsible for the bond. This is the largest ever in the state of Georgia.  The PILT (payment in lieu of taxes) is quite significant.

Comm. Luke questioned the tentative ground breaking time.

Mr. Short noted they expect the announcement sometime later this month.

Comm. Henry questioned how many acres they are purchasing.

Mr. Short noted a total of 416 acres and about 250 acres is owned by Joint Development Authority. The JDA will preliminarily collect about$15 million dollars on the sale of the property.  This sale of the property immediately eliminates the debt service on the property, once the deal is closed.

Mr. Short noted after this deal there is still about 600 acres of developable property.

Mr. Luke questioned the projection of jobs it will create.

Mr. Short noted approximately 50 full-time employees per building with starting salaries of about $60k.

Mr. Pennamon noted the debt service being eliminated will be a savings of about $70k for Jasper County.

Mr. Short added that the county will also begin receiving funds from the PILT.

Regular Agenda:


Appointment of Chairman:

Comm.  Salmon nominated Carl Pennamon for Chairman, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Appointment of Vice-Chairman:

Comm. Jernigan nominated Craig Salmon for Vice-Chairman, Luke seconded for discussion; passed unanimously.

Mr. Luke questioned if Mr. Salmon would be available.

Mr. Salmon noted he would.

Appointment of County Attorney:

Comm. Salmon nominated David Ozburn for County Attorney and any associates that he will need to rely on, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Appointment of County Clerk:

Comm. Jernigan nominated Sharon Robinson as County Clerk, Pennamon seconded; passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Senior Center Budget Amendment – Funding from Northeast Georgia Area Agency on Aging:

Ms. Norton noted she is asking the BOC to approve the one time Budget Increase for FY18 for $4,800 from the NEGA Area Agency on Aging. These funds must be fronted by the county and then will be reimbursed by the NEGA Area Agency on Aging, as approved by Director Peggy Jenkins.

Comm. Jernigan made motion to amend the Senior Center budget by $4,800; Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

911 Authority – Communications System Update and Request for Funding:

Ms. Betty Jump noted the update of phase 1 completed on the radios on December 18th. The 911 Board is requesting ½ of the Transcomm cost be funded from the Jasper County BOC Contingency.  This will leave the other half of the bill outstanding.

Mr. Benton noted that the work has been completed and reviewed potential funding sources. (See agenda packet). If there is still work to be done he is fine with paying half of the bill at this time.

Comm. Henry made motion to approve recommended funding source as outlined in the agenda packet totaling $35,228.99, Salmon seconded; passed unanimously.

Comm. Henry questioned if the department heads are aware that these funds will be used.

Mr. Benton noted yes.

Comm. Luke made motion to pay ½ of the $35,228.99 and then get a report back and pay the remaining balance, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

New Business:

Judicial Alternatives of Georgia Probation Services Agreement for Magistrate Court:

Mr. Pennamon noted these are annual agreements that are to be renewed annually.

Atty. Ozburn noted he has reviewed the document

Comm. Salmon made motion to authorize the Chairman to sign the Probation Services Agreement between the Jasper County Magistrate Court and Judicial Alternatives of Georgia, Inc., Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Judicial Alternatives of Georgia Probation Services Agreement for Superior Court:

Comm. Salmon made motion to authorize the Chairman to sign the Probation Services Agreement between the Jasper County Superior Court and Judicial Alternatives of Georgia, Inc., Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Jasper County Health Department Building Repairs Update and Request for Funding:

Ms. Christa McMillian, Nurse Manager, Jasper County Health Department and Mr. Morris Hutchinson, Director of Developmental Special Projects for the North Central Health District both addressed the Board of the needs of the Jasper County Health Department, and to request an application for the 2019 CDBG Grant.

Comm. Salmon made motion to seek bids for mold remediation at Health Department, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Comm. Jernigan made motion to apply for CDBG grant funding in 2019 for the purpose of funding the renovation of Jasper County Health Department, Salmon seconded; passed unanimously.

Tub Grinding Storm Materials Bid Award:

Mr. Benton noted that staff received 4 bids for tub grinding material located at Jasper County C&D Landfill. 85% of the cost will be reimbursed by FEMA and the remainder charged to the Landfill budget.

Comm. Henry made motion to award the bid for Tub Grinding of Storm Materials to Landrum Environmental Grinding located in Stockbridge, GA in the amount of $15,496, Luke seconded; passed unanimously.

FY2019 Budget Calendar Review and Approval:

Mr. Pennamon noted we need to approve the FY2019 Budget Calendar.

Comm. Henry made motion to accept the FY2019 Budget Calendar as presented, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

County Attorney Items:


County Manager Items:

Roads and Bridges:

Mr. Benton noted the County has received the 2018 LMIG fund in the amount of $546,259 so we do need to be thinking about the final road selection.

Working on identifying a Chip Seal Program for the year.


Mr. Benton commended Comm. Salmon for initiating staff to upgrade our phone system to Voice over IP.  He would like to engage an independent person.

Comm. Henry made motion to ask County Manager to proceed with the investigation with what we need to improve our phone system, Salmon seconded; passed unanimously.

Legislative Update:

HB 446 and HB 751, our ACCG representatives support both bills as they pertain to 911.

HB533, ACCG is negotiating to take the teeth out the bill as it pertains to Broadband.


Work Session scheduled on February 12th and 26th at 6:00 p.m.

Qualifying is March 5th – 9th.

Citizens Comments:

Rev. Jimmy Horton – Thanks, Recognition of Mr. Pennamon

Rev. Leroy Grant –

Executive Session:

Comm. Henry made motion to go into Executive Session at 8:15 p.m., Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Comm. Salmon made motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:55 p.m., Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.






Comm. Jernigan made motion to adjourn at 8:56 p.m., Luke seconded; passed unanimously.


Carl Pennamon, Chairman



Sharon S. Robinson, Clerk