Work Order Schedule

Work Order Schedule
WO Location Work Required
6972 Drainage ditch along the NE side of Alcovy North Drive across the road from house numbers 733 to 875. The storm drainage ditch has filled in over time. Some drainage pipes have completely filled in and now cause runoff water to flow across the road and channel runoff through neighborhood yards.
7010 Starling Drive Request bushes cut hanging over road hitting top of vehicles
7017 Marben Farm going into Charlie Elliott Request grass cut
7035 From the end of the road on Hwy 83 to New Hope Church Rd Log trucks have destroyed the road. Needs scraping, gravel, ditches pulled and culverts cleaned. Also trees need to be cut out of road and ditches from storm
7039 599 Brookwood Request ditches pullled
7056 East side Fill and repair potholes
7060 Oconee Forest Road Request road scraped and gravel
7062 County Line Road at Sourwood Request work on pot holes
7063 Gaissert Road Request work on road bad ruts in road
7070 A tree has fallen from the fence line across the road during hurricane Irma and covered my mailbox. We tried trimming around the debris to expose mailbox, but mail carrier is concerned with scratches done to their vehicle from this storm damage and is threatening to stop mail delivery. Could you kindly remove this tree from impeding our mail traffic? Thank you.
7074 County Line Trail Request gravel or road paved
7078 Prairie Chicken Ct Request work on road horrible shape
7080 Smith Mill Rd from Hwy 83 all the way to New Hope Church RD Scrape road, apply gravel, clean ditches, clean culverts, clean fallen trees. Log trucks and Hurricane Irma have destroyed road
7081 4387 Post Road Request bushes cut back can’t see out driveway going toward town