Work Session Minutes – May 14, 2018

           Jasper County Board of Commissioners

May 14, 2018

Work Session Minutes

6:00 P.M.

Comm. Pennamon called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Carl Pennamon, Bruce Henry, and Don Jernigan.  Vice-Chairman, Craig Salmon and Doug Luke were absent.

Staff Present: Mike Benton, County Manager, Clerk, Sharon Robinson, Finance Director, Dennis Pate, and Extension Agent, Kasey Hall, and Sheriff Donnie Pope.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Invocation: Chairman, Carl Pennamon

Comm. Pennamon began with review of County Extension budget as Ms. Hall was present. He questioned if most of her budget increases were mandated; going from $41,745 to $46,764 due to increase of requirement for Ag Agent, also increase in retirement.

Ms. Hall noted that is correct and also the FICA.

Comm. Henry the reason for the budget being under budget was because of the Ag Agent position being unfilled.

Comm. Pennamon noted he would like to review all department budgets and the ones that seem to be under budget use that as their budget line, look at the mandates, and whatever figure we come up with as far as the increase in salaries, plug that in. Basically we are going off the current budget.

Executive – Stay with Requested.

Elections – Leave at $15,000 and make a note of $3,000 in potential contingency. Leave at current $28,918

Registrar – Take out salary increase as it will be appropriated later. With insurance budget is $56,734; look at line items to get to $56,523.

Financial Administration – Stay with request of $117,864.

Human Resources – Keep requested.

Tax Comm. – $204,151; part-time increase in hours worked.

Tax Assessors – $269,811

Gov’t Bldgs. – $176,900

Debt Service – Come back to later.

Superior Court – Look at insurance – will re-visit.

District Attorney – Salary increase will be appropriated later. Supplement for Asst. DA of $5,000. Check with Wilkinson and Greene to see what if any amount they supplement. Re-visit.

Magistrate – Come back to this one. County Manager has meeting set up with him.

Probate – re-calculate without salary increases except Const. Officer COLA

Juvenile – Keep same

Courts other – Keep same

Sheriff – $168,000 for cars will change; salary increase will be appropriated later.

Jail – Re-visit; look at physician, drug line item.

Courthouse Security – Come back to this one.

Fire Rescue – Re-visit; salary increase will be appropriated later.

Coroner – Look at professional services; keep same budget.

Animal Control – salary increase will be appropriated later. Increase in part time hours 10 hours per pay period on part-time.

Emergency Management – Stay at $11,150.

Public Works – Keep requested.

Recreation – salary increase will be appropriated later. Need to decide if we are going to increase budget due to revenues going up. Will re-visit.

Planning and Zoning – salary increase will be appropriated later.

Senior Center – Re-visit; re-calculate almost at same budget.



Comm. Pennamon declared the Work Session closed at 6:58 p.m.


Carl Pennamon, Chairman


Sharon S. Robinson, Clerk