A Message From The Sheriff…

Dear Residents,
I would like to take this opportunity to ask your help in addressing a dangerous situation within our county.

I believe there are few that would disagree that traveling Jackson Lake Road can be hazardous. In recent years this has been made evident by the number of traffic accidents, several of which resulted in fatalities. We have all encountered reckless driving, distracted drivers and speeding vehicles.
Because of these combined factors, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office will be launching a new campaign in 2019 to make Jackson Lake Road a safer road for our citizens to travel. This effort will began Monday January 14, 2019 and for the coming months there will be an increase in officer presence and strict speed enforcement.

I would request that each of you share this information with your friends and family. It is not our desire to issue any of our residents a citation. We are hoping for voluntary driving modification to make traveling conditions safer for everyone, however, if violations continue, our staff will take appropriate action.

Thank you for your help,

Sheriff Donnie Pope