Regular Meeting Minutes, October 1, 2018

 Jasper County Board of Commissioners

October 1, 2018

Regular Meeting Minutes

6:00 P.M.

Comm. Pennamon called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Carl Pennamon, Vice-Chairman, Craig Salmon, Bruce Henry, Don Jernigan, and Doug Luke arrived at 6:10 p.m.

Staff Present: Mike Benton, County Manager, Cynthia Peters, Administrative Specialist, Finance Director, Dennis Pate, and County Attorney, David Ozburn.

Pledge of Allegiance:


District 3 – Don Jernigan

Agenda Approval:

Comm. Henry made motion approve the agenda adding Service Delivery under Old Business, Comm. Salmon seconded; passed unanimously.

Consent Agenda:


Comm. Henry  made motion to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of September 10, 2018, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Check Register:

Comm. Jernigan made motion to approve the check register which included check #’s 41373- 41543 for payment, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.




Public Hearing:


Commissioner’s Items:

Salmon:  Noted that Commissioner Jernigan brought to his attention that he had received a call about placing Kildeer Lane on the road paving list for Public Works.

Henry: Would like to look at adding a 401K to the employees’ pension plan.

Jernigan: Noted he received a call from a resident on Blue Jay Court wanting to pass along Thanks to Public Works for a job well done.  Friday October 5th is the 70th Anniversary of World Teacher’s Day.

Pennamon: JDA did receive a $500,000 grant for the parkway extension in Stanton Springs; they are also applying for an 80/20 grant.

Commissioner Luke joined the meeting at 6:10 p.m.

Regular Agenda:

Old Business:

Purple Heart County, Piedmont Academy Baseball Champions and Jasper County Deer Capital Signs on GDOT State Routes ROW:


Mr. Benton noted that Piedmont Academy has requested the sign recognizing their baseball championship for several years in a row be placed on the right-of-way, also the Purple Heart and Deer Capital signs which have already been purchased. GDOT has initiated a new policy, they want 24 X 24 inch signs, the Purple Heart and Deer Festival signs are not that size, but GDOT has approved the placing of the signs.  Piedmont Academy would pay for their signs and 1/3 of the posts, American Legion would pay for ½ of the signs and 1/3 of the post, Jasper County 1/3 of the post and Deer signs were purchased a while ago. Thus Piedmont would pay $757, American Legion $714, and Jasper County $714.36. Piedmont Academy has agreed to reimburse the County $757; American Legion has agreed to pay $352.31; the difference of what they have already paid.


Comm. Salmon made motion to proceed with sign installation by GDOT with additional cost; Piedmont Academy will pay $757.33, American Legion will pay $714.36, and Jasper County’s cost is $714.36; Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


Comm. Pennamon gave Comm. Luke the opportunity to give his Commissioner Items.


Comm. Luke questioned if we have attachments for the Grad all. Also questioned if we are still cutting grass on Fridays.


Mr. Benton noted the Grad all is in the shop getting axle work, but when it gets out it will go to limbing; we did get the attachment. Mr. Benton noted we have missed one or two Fridays but we are trying to get every Friday.


Service Delivery:


Comm. Pennamon noted he talked with the City and they are ready to sign off on the Service Delivery with what we have submitted with 2 exceptions; they would like the 705 acres that they annexed into the city to be included in their service delivery area, and they want to have the right to negotiate with JCWSA the route that they take to connect their water line.


Atty. Ozburn noted it was legally annexed, even though it is disconnected from the rest of the City and there is not much we can do to keep them from providing water service within their own boundaries.  In terms of traversing over the unincorporated area that is by default the Authority’s territory to defend.  We don’t really have the authority to give the City the power to go through that.  Putting in there that they need to negotiate with the Water Authority to go through unincorporated areas is a good idea as that is between the 2 entities, the county should not be involved.


Comm. Pennamon noted he told the City that he will have the County Attorney work up the wording and submit to the City for their attorney to approve it. They are expecting to have a Called Meeting on Thursday and hopefully will sign off on it and go from there.


Comm. Jernigan questioned if Atty. Ozburn can have that ready for the City by Thursday.


Atty. Ozburn noted he can.


Comm. Salmon noted we were never notified officially of the annexation.


Atty. Ozburn noted that it was done through the Legislature, we didn’t get any notice; but, it was done legally.


Comm. Henry questioned that since the land was in conservation did we get any proceeds from it.


Comm. Pennamon noted he talked to Chief Appraiser, Lynn Bentley and she noted since it was purchased by a government agency; there was no breach.


Comm. Henry made motion to approve subject to the 700+ acres of water delivery being up to the City and the City will have to negotiate routing of the water to the City with JCWSA, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.


New Business:

Jasper County – Monticello – Shady Dale – Joint Comprehensive Plan 2018 Update Adoption:

Mr. Benton noted Georgia Department of Community Affairs requires Counties to update its joint comprehensive plan every five years. There was a steering committee of twenty members. The final draft of the plan now needs to be adopted and sent to DCA.  It has been submitted to NEGRC and DCA has approved it for final adoption.


Comm. Henry made motion to adopt the 2018 Jasper County – Monticello – Shady Dale – Joint Comprehensive Plan Update thru Resolution #2018.10.01, as approved by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Salmon seconded; passed unanimously.


Solid Waste Curbside Pickup – Advanced Disposal Contract:

Mr. Benton noted the Advanced Disposal Contract expires December 31, 2018.

Comm. Pennamon noted that the Board would like to get the contract to coincide with our budget years.

Steve Edwards with Advanced Disposal noted they are certainly agreeable to that.

Mr. Benton noted the contract cost is no change. The current cost is $145.44

Mr. Edwards noted, this is an amendment; there will be no price change for the first year of the amendment (2019); but in 2020 and 2021 there will be the consumer price index (CPI) change.

Comm. Henry questioned what the average CPI increase.

Mr. Edwards noted it is about 2.5%.

Mr. Benton noted ours is capped at 3% in the contract.

Comm. Jernigan made motion to Authorize Chairman to sign the third amendment to the Advanced Disposal Services contract extending the period from January 1, 2019 thru June 30, 2022, Luke seconded; passed unanimously.


2019 LMIG Application:

Mr. Benton gave an update on the 2018 LMIG project on Post Road. They are trying to finish this week.


Mr. Benton noted the 2019 LMIG application period is open until December 31st.


Mr. Benton noted the project cost as:

GDOT 2019 LMIG for Jasper County –         $559,173.67

Required County Match –                               $167,752.10

Total Minimum Project Cost –            $726,925.77


Mr. Benton reviewed the previous LMIG projects as:

2013 – Jackson Lake Rd, Brazey Rd., 2014 – Avant Rd, Hodges Farm Rd, Yancey Rd, Dallas Trail, and Gem Lane, 2015 – Post Rd., 2016 – Goolsby Rd., 2017 – Post Rd., and 2018 – Post Rd.


Mr. Benton noted that it is his understanding that the Board would like to do Goolsby Road.  He called Robert Jordan, Engineer to address the Board on Goolsby Road plans.


Mr. Jordan noted the section of Goolsby Road to be done includes;

North Section from SR 11 to Center Section – 2.17miles to the new paving of the Center Section that was resurfaced in 2016; then the South section to Fullerton Phillips Rd – 3.03 miles.


Mr. Jordan noted the total of the 2 sections would be $685,560; he applied 10% for increase which would bring the total to $754,116.


Mr. Jordan noted he has been working on a Jasper Road Ranking system; it ranks the roads on different criteria, this can be used as a guide to plan road work.


Comm. Pennamon noted that the money that was received from JDA; there has been no decision made as to how that money will be spent.


Mr. Benton noted if Goolsby Road is approved; he would like to go ahead and put together a bid proposal, so we are not waiting until October to get this done.


Comm. Jernigan made motion to approve the 2019 LMIG Application for Goolsby Road as presented; Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


Comm. Henry questioned where the additional money would come from.


Mr. Benton noted it would come from SPLOST.


Comm. Luke questioned how many more miles of Post Road we have.


Mr. Benton noted roughly about 3.5 miles.


Jasper County Employees Pension Plan – ACCG Defined Benefit Plan Amendment:


Mr. Benton noted that we have 2 employees that are above 65 years of age who have requested to opt out of Jasper County’s Employee Pension Plan. The two employees are retired from a different employer and are receiving pension benefits from a different pension plan. Staff is recommending an amendment to the plan that when an employee reaches age 65 they have the option to “opt-out.”


Atty. Ozburn noted that GEBCorp originally expressed caution in allowing an opt-out; the resolution authorizes the Chairman, County Manager, and County Attorney to talk with GEBCorp about what is needed to change the language and authorize signatures of Chairman to execute the amendment.


Comm. Salmon noted that the resolution number should be changed.


Comm. Luke made motion to adopt the resolution 2018.10.01-02 to approve the amendment to the ACCG Defined Benefit Plan for Jasper County Employees that provides an opt-out clause for employees that have attained age 65 by Jan 1 of each year, Salmon seconded; passed unanimously.

County Attorney Items:


County Manager Items:

Mr. Benton noted the Annual CIE is due and he will be discussing in a work session or meeting in near future.  He feels it is time to review where the impact fee money goes in terms of percentages to the departments.

Citizens Comments:

Charles Forsyth – Service Delivery, Pension Plan


Executive Session:



Comm. Salmon made motion to adjourn at 7:14 p.m., Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


Carl Pennamon, Chairman



Cynthia Peters, Administrative Specialist