Regular Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2018

Jasper County Board of Commissioners

Sept. 10, 2018

Regular Meeting Minutes

6:00 P.M.

Comm. Pennamon called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Carl Pennamon, Bruce Henry, Don Jernigan, and Doug Luke. Vice-Chairman, Craig Salmon was absent

Staff Present: Mike Benton, County Manager, Clerk Sharon Robinson, Finance Director, Dennis Pate, and County Attorney, David Ozburn.

Pledge of Allegiance:


District 2 – Bruce Henry

Agenda Approval:

Comm. Jernigan made motion approve the agenda as amended; moving Presentations and Delegations before Public Hearing. Comm. Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Consent Agenda:


Comm. Jernigan made motion to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of August 6, 2018, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Comm. Luke made motion to approve the Called Meeting Minutes of August 13, 2018, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Comm. Jernigan made motion to approve the Called Meeting Minutes of August 30, 2018, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Check Register:

Comm. Luke made motion to approve the check register which included check #’s 41002 – 41372 for payment, Jernigan seconded; passed 3 to 1; Comm. Henry abstained.


Recognition of Achievements for Jasper County 4-H’ers –

Kasey Hall introduced the Jasper County 4-H Students and their accomplishments. They were as follows:

Trent Maddox, Morgan Patterson, Jorden Reed, Savannah Mosley, Lauren Hicks, Caleb Light, and Carlie Hall.

Georgia Department of Defense – State Defense Force; Certificate of Appreciation to the Jasper County Board of Commissioners


Mr. Sammie McCowan presented the Board of Commissioners with a Certificate of Appreciation.


Public Hearing:

A public hearing will be held for a rezoning for 12166 Hwy 212 West Covington, Ga 30016. Tax map 013B parcel 021. This property is currently zone Residential (R-1) and is requesting to be rezoned to Office-Institutional (O-I).


Comm. Jernigan made motion to open the public hearing at 6:10 p.m., Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Shane Sealy noted Application A2018-Z-001, applicant Ralda Drummond, has applied for her property located at 12166 Ga Hwy 212 W. to be rezoned from Residential to Office-Institutional.


Comm. Pennamon opened the floor for persons to speak:

No one spoke in favor of, or opposed to the rezoning.

Comm. Jernigan, made motion to close the Public Hearing at 6:13 p.m., Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Commissioner’s Items:

Jernigan: None

Henry: Expressed gratitude for so many people showing up.

Luke:  Would like staff to make sure the hole at Landfill is looked at, as it could be a hazard to residents.

Pennamon: Would like staff to quickly contact the Cities to set up a meeting for Sept. 18th or 20th to finalize Service Delivery Strategy.


Regular Agenda:

Old Business:

CDBG Senior Center Project Bid Status Update:


Mr. Benton noted that JMA was authorized by the Board at the July 12, 2018 called meeting to negotiate with the apparent low bidder Brannon Development to lower the cost of the project in consideration of the available CDBG grant amount. JMA has provided a Project Cost Status Report dated August 22, 2018 regarding the CDBG Senior Center Project after negotiating with Brannon Development. (A copy of the report will be attached and made a part of the official minutes).


Jim Mesherle reviewed options for the Board to consider.


Michael Turner gave a presentation on what the revised Senior Center will look like.

(A hard copy of the presentation will be attached and made a part of the official minutes).



Comm. Luke made motion to go with Option 1 and keep the front porch cost, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


FY19 Contract for DHS Transportation:

Ms. Norton noted that the FY19 DHS Transportation Contract must be approved in order to do service agreement with NEGA AAA & DHS Transportation for transporting clients at senior center and Vocational Rehabilitation clients. The Vocational Rehabilitation is a new potential revenue and service for about 72 adults and 48 high school students who live locally.

Ms. Norton further noted this program works with people with disabilities to connect them with job training and other services in Eatonton, Milledgeville and Conyers. Jasper County has 72 adults and 48 high school students who qualify for these services. Some are in wheelchairs. Transportation is expected to be active 6 to 8 hours a day so 2 part-time drivers will be needed. Our ADA Accessible bus is not available for this program so there may be a need to purchase a good used ADA accessible bus for this service after testing the program. If we cannot get this implemented by October 1st then the region will offer it to another county. Region 6 currently provides this service but it is more efficient to provide it through our region (5).


Comm. Pennamon recommends a 60-day trial period.


Comm. Henry noted the contracts has a 60 day termination, so that would mean 120 days.


Comm. Pennamon suggested we ask for 30 day termination.


Comm. Luke made motion to ask for a contract modification for 30 day trial, 60 day-out, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


Comm. Henry made motion to authorize Chairman to sign the DHS Transportation Contract after staff gets modification worked out; Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.


Commissioners requested that Ms. Norton bring back detailed numbers at the 30-day trial period.


Jasper County Cannery Property:

Commissioners had discussion on property located at 475 Hillsboro Street which they toured at their Called Meeting on August 13th.

Comm. Pennamon suggested to have staff from Public Works go over and organize the contents in the building and have a yard sale.

Comm. Jernigan made motion to table this item, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.

Employee Health Insurance Cost:

Comm. Pennamon noted that he wanted to discuss taking the employee portion of the health insurance back to the previous deductions; noting that the employees were given a pay increase and it was seemingly taken away by raising their insurance deductions.

Comm. Jernigan made motion to move forward with the employee deductions for health insurance going back to the previous deductions as of October 1, 2018, Henry seconded. Jernigan, Henry, and Pennamon vote yes, Luke vote no. Motion passed 3 to 1.

Comm. Pennamon noted that he has talked to the department heads and asked if they are willing to cut back as much as they can in their budgets to be able to account for this.

Comm. Henry noted he would like the Board to get quarterly updates as to where the departments are with this.

New Business:

Uncle Remus Regional Library Funding Discussion:

Ms. Stacey Brown, Library Director addressed the Board concerning funding issues they are having at the Library. She gave a report on services and hours of operation.


Comm. Pennamon presented Ms. Brown with a check in the amount of $19,051.81 from Impact Fees.


Ms. Brown Thanked the Board.



Request to rezone the property located at 12166 SR 212 West from Residential (R-1) to Office – Institutional – (O-I):

Comm. Henry made motion to accept Application A2018-Z-001 to be rezoned from Residential to Office Institutional, Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Athens Technical College – Social Circle Campus – Letter of Support:

Comm. Jernigan made motion authorize Chairman to sign the letter of support for a new Athens Technical College campus to be constructed in Social Circle, Georgia, Luke seconded; passed unanimously.

City of Madison – OneGeorgia Authority Equity Application – Georgia Safari Conservation Park – Letter of Support:


Comm. Luke made motion to authorize chairman to sign letter of support for the City of Madison’s OneGeorgia Authority Equity Application for the Georgia Safari Conservation Park, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


Northeast Georgia Regional Commission CDBG Health Department Project Memorandum of Agreement:

Mr. Benton noted the Board previously approved the Jasper County Health Department to be the subject project for a 2019 CDBG application. The Board approved a letter of intent for the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission to develop and administer, if funded, a 2019 CDBG application for the Jasper County Health Department.


Mr. Benton noted the minimum cash match would be $22,500.00, additional cost would be $2,000.00 to NEGRC for the application, the architectural concept plan estimated at $5,000.00.


Mr. Benton further noted grant administration fees of $37,500 and architectural design and construction fees to be determined are grant eligible and would be paid with CDBG grant proceeds.


Comm. Henry clarified that the $37,500 can come out of the grant.


Mr. Benton noted it does.


Comm. Luke questioned where the other funds will come from.


Mr. Benton noted the $22,500, $5,000 and $2,000 amounts will need to come from fund balance.


Comm. Jernigan made motion to authorize Chairman to sign the Memorandum of Agreement as presented engaging NEGRC to develop a 2019 CDBG application and administer, if funded, with the subject project being the Jasper County Health Department. Passed unanimously.


New Bank Account – Hamilton State Bank – Capital Improvements Fund:


Mr. Dennis Pate, Finance Director noted the Finance Department is seeking approval to open a new interest bearing bank account at Hamilton State Bank for the Capital Improvement Fund #351.


Mr. Pate noted the funds that will be moved into the Account include: $13,907.99 and $6,791.85 from Newton County Tax Commissioner and $250,000 from Joint Development Authority.


Comm. Jernigan made motion to approve opening a new interest bearing bank account at Hamilton State Bank for Capital Improvement Fund #351; Luke seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Senior Center FY 2019 Budget Amendment – Senior Center FY 2018 Fundraiser Balance:

Mr. Pate noted that Senior Center members held fund raising activities during FY 2018. The net amount not spent in FY 2018 is $2,316.16. Senior Center Director, Tracy Norton is requesting the use of the unspent funds from FY 2018 to be available for fundraiser expenses during FY 2019.


Mr. Benton noted staff is asking for approval to take the funds from FY 2018 fund balance.


Comm. Pennamon noted we should look at keeping a separate fundraising account.


Mr. Benton noted the budget is operated on a 12 month basis, we will need to have more discussion about a fundraising account and include other departments that also have fundraiser funds.


Comm. Luke made motion to approve the budget amendment of $2,316.16 to be added to the Senior Center FY 2019 Budget line item 100-600-06200-00057-536000 Fundraiser Activity, Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


County Attorney Items:

Atty. Ozburn clarified that the DHS Transportation and GVRA Contract are together.

Commissioners asked him to work with Ms. Norton to work out the verbiage for the contract.

County Manager Items:

Mr. Benton noted he should have a draft of the Comprehensive Plan by September 28th.

Citizens Comments:

Dorothy Tinsley – Senior Center

Hilda Daniel – Senior Center

Hattie Thurman – Senior Center

Gloria Williams – Senior Center

Minnie Carter – Senior Center

Willie Marks – Senior Center


Executive Session:

Comm. Luke made motion to go into Executive Session to discuss Personnel and Real Estate at 7:50 p.m.; Jernigan seconded; passed unanimously.

Comm. Jernigan made motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:23 p.m.; Luke seconded; passed unanimously.


Comm. Jernigan made motion to adjourn at 8:24 p.m., Henry seconded; passed unanimously.


Carl Pennamon, Chairman



Sharon S. Robinson, Clerk