911 Authority

Brian Burgamy
Interim Jasper County 911/EMA Director
P.O. Box 670
Monticello, GA 31064
Phone – 706-468-4930
Fax – 706-468-8287

The Jasper County 911 Communications center is staffed by state-certified Communication Officers who are trained to answer and process emergency and non emergency calls, keeping records of the all calls from the beginning to the end, and being committed to providing the citizens and visitors of Jasper County with the fastest and most efficient response possible, while ensuring the safety of Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel. 911 Communications also provides support and disaster coordination to the Jasper County Emergency Management Agency during the times of manmade or natural disasters which includes storms, tornados, flooding, and any winter weather issues that may occur.

We also provide the CODE RED Alert System though our 911 system and it is free of charge to the citizens. The system generates emergency notifications based off severe weather events including updates from the National Weather Service. We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of our CODE RED System.   Anyone that needs assistance signing up can call the 911 Center on our non emergency number at 706-468-4930.

It is our goal to contribute the quality of life to our community by giving efficient, reliable, courteous, responsive and professional 9-1-1 Communications services, making Jasper County a safer community to live, work, and visit.

**Helpful Hints from Your 911 Dispatchers**

Please do not let your children play with old cell phones that you are no longer using. Even though the service has been disconnected, if that cell phone has a battery inside, then it is still capable of calling 911. When this occurs we receive multiple 911 hang up calls from the cell phone that your child is playing with which ties up our 911 lines causing interference with a real emergency call.