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Jasper County was originally a part of Baldwin County. By an Act of the Legislature of Georgia, dated 10th of December 1807, the counties of Jones, Putnam, Morgan and Randolph (now Jasper) were created, being cut out of Baldwin. Before Baldwin County was organized in 1803, all of this area was Indian land and no white man could own land therein.

This area was surveyed and laid out in land lots, each lot being forty-five chains square, containing 202 V2 acres. The lots were disposed of by lottery.

Monticello was laid out and made the county seat by an act of the Legislature dated the 10th of December 1808.

John Randolph, of Virginia, for whom the county had been named, fell into disfavor due to his opposition to the War of 1812 with Great Britain. The Georgia Legislature on the 10th of December 1812 passes the Act: "The County of Randolph shall be called and known by the name of JASPER".

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District 1 - Carl Pennamon
District 2 - Bruce Henry
District 3 - Don Jernigan
District 4 - Craig Salmon
District 5 - Doug Luke

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